Facts about Aalborg

+218,000 inhabitants

Aalborg is the 3rd largst city in Denmark and the most popular. No other Danish city experiences growth at the same rate as Aalborg. In particular, young people are attracted to the city and our university. Aalborg is the capital of North Denmark which has a total population of 580,000.

9,000 busy businesses

Aalborg is home to about 9,200 companies and welcomes around 1,000 new ones each year. We have a thriving startup community to offer with extensive possibilities for office spaces, knowledge and network.

Strong industries

ICT, energy, transport and logistics, manufaturing and construction are among the fastest growing industries in Aalborg. Researchers, companies and public institutions meet in clusters which creates innovation, new business opportunities and synergy.

Highly skilled workforce

It’s the people and their skills that make the difference. North Danes are characterised by their dedication, flexibility and high qualifications within a wide range of fields – both academic and skilled. As such, 22% of the population aged between 25 and 34 hold a Master’s degree.

Global mindset

26% of all employees in the private sector in Aalborg are employeed in companies with international owners. As a result, international business behaviour and excellent language skills are part of our DNA. The number of international employees and students are increasing.

World-class university

More than 23,000 students has been enrolled at Aalborg University which is highly recognised worldwide for its research within ICT, energy, intelligent logistics, etc. The university is famous for its close ties with the business community and its problem-based learning methods.

Superb infrastructure

In Aalborg, the world is at your feet. Our busy international airport with heaps of direct daily flights ensure fast connection to the rest of the world. The Port of Aalborg has weekly connections to Rotterdam and Hamburg. Aalborg is also the European connection to Greenland.

Tiny metropolis

From the city centre it’ll take you 20 minutes at maximum to go to our international airport to the North, the Port of Aalborg to the East and Aalborg University and the new Aalborg University Hospital to the South East. That’s why we say Aalborg is a 20-minute town.

Made in Aalborg

To mention but a few of our “Made in Aalborg” flagships: Siemens wind turbine blades, Samsung bluetooth solutions, Aalborg Portland cement, VELA chairs, ASETEK cooling systems, DESMI pumps, BLIP tracking systems, Newline sportswear and Aalborg Chocolate.