How can we help


  • One point of contact

    Invest in Aalborg is your initial point of contact with Aalborg. Let’s help you explore the possibilities and take advantage of our extensive network.

  • Business insight

    Use our knowledge about business opportunities, key sectors and manpower. We can help you build your business case based on market research.

  • Land and property

    We work closely together with the City planners of Aalborg, real estate agents, property and land owners. Let’s help you find your optimum location.

  • Network and matchmaking

    New in town? Take advantage of our extensive network in the business community. We can match you with potential business partners and university researchers.

  • Recruitment

    Human ressources are essential for success. Let’s help you source candidates through our network and close cooperation with Aalborg University.


About Invest in Aalborg

Invest in Aalborg is a strong partnership between the Port of Aalborg, NOVI Research Park, Aalborg University and the City of Aalborg. It is the result of an increasingly globalised city that joins forces to ensure you one-point-of-contact and easy access to prime location options, world class research and local authorities. Contact us and let’s help you build your business case.