Key sectors in Aalborg

The vibrant City of Aalborg is home to around 10,000 companies and welcomes approximately 1,000 new startups each year. Companies are represented across many different industries and at all levels of the value write my essay chain. Yet, there are 5 key sectors in which Aalborg has particularly competitive advantages and ressources.

Information and communication technology

ICT companies and researchers invent cutting-edge solutions used worldwide.

North Denmark is home to a wide range of ICT companies. Business and research are particularly strong within IoT, cyber-physical systems, smart city solutions, telecommuncations, human-computer interaction, business intelligence, embedded software systems and smart grid.
  • North Denmark is home to 275 ICT companies.
  • 53% export to other European countries.
  • Steady growth and future optimism – 83% expect even better results in 2016 than in 2015.
  • World-class research and 2,500 ICT students at Aalborg University.
  • A strong gold-labelled ICT cluster, BrainsBusiness, brings research and industry together.

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The present ICT companies include:

  • Samsung
  • Intel
  • Rohde & Schwarz Technology Center
  • RTX
  • Cobham SATCOM

Wind turbine industry

Extensive knowledge and natural surroundings back a strong energy sector.

Home to the world’s largest blade factory as well as a huge test centre for wind turbines. North Denmark is a natural home for companies in the wind power industry. Aalborg University is a large supplier of engineers and researchers.
  • 46% increase in the number of jobs related to wind power in just 4 years.
  • Particular growth in manufacturing and ICT companies related to wind.
  • Extensive web of subcontractors.
  • Wind power companies and researchers meet in the “Hub North” network.

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Examples of companies within wind power:

  • Siemens Wind Power
  • Bladt Industries
  • Mammoet Wind
  • Universal Foundation
  • EMD International

Transport and intelligent logistics

World-class research and a high number of transport companies form this sector.

Aalborg University is famous for its research in intelligent logistics, and many Aalborg companies have built a competitive edge in logistics that find sigmaessays essay writer for your best essay writing services activity saves money and fosters efficiency. Traditionally, Aalborg has a strong transport sector due to the sheer number of companies.
  • Aalborg is a logistic centerpiece that is directly connected to the European TEN-T transport infrastructure.
  • Aalborg has a unique logistic location between Europe and the Nordic countries, including Sweden, Norway and Greenland.
  • SmartLog is a large cluster of logistic companies and researchers from Aalborg University, Centre for Logistics (CELOG).
  • CELOG is a highly recognized research centre within transport and logistics.

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To mention but af few companies within transport and logistics:

  • DHL Global Forwarding
  • Wärtsilä
  • Royal Arctic Line
  • X-Press Feeders
  • Mammoet Wind

District heating

North Denmark is a front runner when it comes to district heating solutions.

North Denmark is a dynamic lab for developing new innovative solutions within district heating. These solutions include pre-insulated pipe systems, biomass, solar power, geothermic heating and district cooling. North Denmark is also home to one of the world’s largest solar plants.
  • Dronninglund District Heating is one of the world’s largest solar plants.
  • District heating plants, consultants, suppliers and researchers meet in the FleksEnergi cluster with +180 members.

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Among the companies within district heating are:

  • Arcon Sunmark
  • Logstor
  • Neas Energy
  • Aalborg CSP

MedTech and HealthCare

Unique solutions and living labs within medical and welfare technologies.

North Denmark is home to a web of companies within the MedTech and WelfareTech industries. Our expertises include medical devices, medical informatics, neurorehabilitation, health-IT, pain research, motor control, assistive and rehabilitation technology, tele health, imaging and clinical research.
  • Aalborg University is the largest health technology research and education centre in Denmark.
  • Aalborg is home to the Nursing Home of the Future, which is a unique “living research” laboratory that combine smart technologies
    and modern health care.
  • Home to +180 companies in the MedTech and WelfareTech industries.
  • Companies, researchers and public institutions form relations in BioMed Community.

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To mention just at few of the companies within MedTech and HealthCare:

  • Mermaid Care
  • Vela
  • Judex
  • LBN Medical
  • Liftup
  • Medei

Case stories – why we choose Aalborg

A wide range of international companies have already chosen Aalborg as their preferred location. In fact, 26% of all employees in the private sector in Aalborg work in companies with foreign owners. Aalborg is also a preferred destination for startup companies.

Bluetooth for mobile phones
Raj Gawera, Managing Director, Samsung Cambridge and Aalborg
South Korean-owned company
Why Aalborg:

Samsung Research Center

Development and testing of Samsung’s bluetooth solutions for mobile phones worldwide take place right here in Aalborg at NOVI Science Park.

For Samsung, Aalborg is a well-chosen destination. Established through acquisition, we value the excellent software skills available here. It’s the people and their ideas and dedication that make the difference. We also have a very close cooperation with Aalborg University from which many of our employees are recruited.

Aalborg has a long tradition within mobile technology and solutions which fosters a natural food chain of candidates with the expertises that we source and appreciate in Samsung worldwide.

Blades for wind turbines
Ken Kaser, Head of Global Blades
German-owned company
Why Aalborg:

Siemens Wind Power

Blades are developed, manufactured and tested at Siemens Wind Power, which is also the largest company in Aalborg with more than 2,800 employees.

For Siemens Wind Power, here in North Jutland we are able to take advantage of a large pool of highly skilled, well educated, and creative employees who are motivated to make a difference. Aalborg is specifically an advantageous location for blade manufacturing in part due to the excellent transportation infrastructure and access to the port of Aalborg.

Denmark’s history as a leader in the renewables sector and our own long history in Aalborg ensures we can rely on a very strong local base of suppliers, consultants and support organizations locally as integral parts of our value chain.

Digital goodie bags
Lisa Dalsgaard, Founder and CEO of and Initiator of
Danish tech startup going global
Why Aalborg:

As a part of Aalborg’s startup-community, transforms the world of goodiebags by making them digital and having the world as its market place.

I’ve lived in Aarhus, Copenhagen and New York, and one year ago I moved back to Aalborg to focus on my own startup – The last few years, Aalborg has become way more cultural and visual appealing, has cheap living expenses, nature, clean air, an airport, a university and city life. It just needed a strong startup-community.

Luckily entrepreneurs are great at taking initiatives, we have now joined forces and settled down in shared office spaces. The startup-community is really close in this city so these skilled entrepreneurs are not just my colleagues, they are my friends.