Life Science

North Denmark has an innovative research and business environment within particularly the medical technology area,
but biotech and pharmaceutical industry also play a predominant role.


North Denmark is home to a life science cluster embracing research and companies providing the healthcare sector with solutions and knowledge for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Aalborg University and Aalborg University Hospital are highly estimated institutions with unique skills for collaboration with the private and public sector.

Reasons to invest

      • Denmark produces the largest number of new medical products per capita in Europe.
      • North Denmark offers optimum conditions for clinical trials (low cost, short approval time, easy data collection etc.).
      • Aalborg University (AAU) is internationally recognized for problem-based learning and has 23,000 students – 2,000 students are enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine.
      • A brand new, state-of-the-art hospital – Aalborg University Hospital - is being built right next to the university campus (170,000 square metres, 564 beds and an estimate of 5,000 employees).
      • Aalborg University and Aalborg University Hospital have a close collaboration with the industry.
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      Companies within the industry

      Aalborg and North Denmark is home to a wide range of life science companies.
      Please find a selection of these below:n

      • Cephalon
      • Judex
      • LBN medical
      • Life science robotics
      • Mermaid Care
      • Nocitech
      • Novo Nordisk
      • OBI medical
      • Roche Diagnostics
      • Synexus
      • Therm Aid
      • TKS technology
      • Treat Systems
      • Wolturnus
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