Claus Falk

Chairman - Invest in Aalborg ambassadors

Why did you become an ambassador for Invest in Aalborg?

I would like to help ensure that Aalborg remains the preferred location for tech companies.

I want to create awareness of all the benefits of having a business in Aalborg and I want to support the attraction of new jobs in the city.

How do you see Aalborg's potential as a business city?

Aalborg has great potential as a business city mainly because we have a world-class educational environment for knowledge-based companies. In addition, Aalborg excels in collaboration and matchmaking of companies to create new partnerships and thriving ecosystems.

As a small big city, it is important that we show the cultural and educational advantages of the city - in addition to the great business environment and infrastructure.


Invest in Aalborg Ambassadors

To extend our network and business relations globally, Invest in Aalborg has appointed a number of Ambassadors. They are all profoundly dedicated and based in Aalborg. At the same time they and their businesses embrace global relations.

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