Life Science in Aalborg

Aalborg and North Denmark has an innovative research and business environment particularly within the medical technology area,
but biotech and pharmaceutical industry also play a predominant role.


to the North Danish life science cluster

Aalborg is home to a life science cluster embracing research and companies providing the healthcare sector with solutions and knowledge for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Aalborg University and Aalborg University Hospital are highly estimated institutions with unique skills for collaboration with the private and public sector. The North Danish life science cluster is characterised by:

  • Unique synergies between industry and research
  • Focus on partnerships and collaborations to spark innovation
  • World-class research and education
  • Political support and public investments
  • Innovative, local companies
  • A highly educated and talented workforce
  • Attractive infrastructure and framework conditions

Why Aalborg?

Aalborg University is the highest ranked engineering university in Europe. Read more

World class synergy between engineering and medicine

The new Aalborg University Hospital is Aalborg's largest building to date with 170,000 sqm incl. 20,000 sqm. Service house

Aalborg University Hospital is ranked 22st among the World's Best Smart Hospitals in 2023. Read more

Aalborg University

Health science research at Aalborg University started over 30 years ago.

At Aalborg University there has always been a strong focus between health science and engineering and in 2010, the Faculty of Medicine (SUND) was established as a spin-off of the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Medicine (INS).

In 2013, the faculty established the Department of Clinical Medicine in collaboration with Aalborg University Hospital. Today, the faculty thus also conducts clinical research at the university hospital and the region's hospitals. The faculty is responsible for the regional health science research.

The Faculty of Medicine consists of the Department of Health Science and Technology; the Department of Clinical Medicine; the Doctoral School of Medicine, Biomedical Science and Technology with three programs.

Aalborg university department of health science
New university hospital in Aalborg creates life science synergies

NAU - New Aalborg University Hospital

The Region of North Denmark is building a new University Hospital in the eastern part of the city – close to the university.

The vision is to elevate the collective health care system in North Denmark and improve the possibility of a continues coherent and safe patient process with more outpatient treatments, shorter admissions and more specialists attached to the individual patient.

The new university hospital will be around 170,000 m2, including a service city. Functions at the university hospital includes, joint emergency department, outpatient clinics, laboratories, child and adolescent function, surgical functions, intensive care, integration of university facilities, rehabilitation function, research and teaching areas. 

Life science in Aalborg white paper

Reasons to Invest

  • Denmark produces the largest number of new medical products per capita in Europe.
  • North Denmark offers optimum conditions for clinical trials (low cost, short approval time, easy data collection etc.).
  • Aalborg University (AAU) is internationally recognized for problem-based learning and has 20,000 students – 2,000 students are enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine.
  • A brand new, state-of-the-art hospital – Aalborg University Hospital - is being built right next to the university campus (170,000 square metres, 564 beds and an estimate of 5,000 employees).
  • Aalborg University and Aalborg University Hospital have a close collaboration with the industry.

The companies say:

Novo Nordisk finds diversity in Aalborg

Since 2008, the global Danish pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk has had a branch in Aalborg. At NOVI Science Park in the eastern part of Aalborg, Novo Nordisk has located its department for biostatistics.
Learn More

Aalborg welcomes automation in life science and health care

In recent years, the Aalborg-based automation and robot company, LT Automation has turned towards a specialization in health and life science and it turns out, it’s a perfect match.
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Life Science companies in North Denmark

Aalborg and North Denmark is home to a wide range of companies within Life Science.
Please find a selection of these below:

  • Agito Medical
  • Anybody Technology
  • Cephalon
  • InnoCon Medical
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Judex
  • LBN medical
  • Life science robotics
  • LT Automation
  • Nocitech
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Otiom
  • Roche Diagnostics
  • RTX
  • Scandinavian Medical Solutions
  • Smart Trial
  • Therm Aid
  • TKS technology
  • Treat Systems
  • VELA
  • Wolturnus
  • Xtellio

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