Invest in Aalborg Ambassadors

Meet the Dream Team

To extend our network and business relations globally, Invest in Aalborg has appointed a number of Ambassadors. They are all profoundly dedicated to Aalborg. At the same time they and their businesses embrace global relations.

Our present Ambassadors are:


The ambassadors say

Jan Rene Knudsen

Vice President - DSV Air & Sea, Inc.
" has been facinating to watch the transformation of not only Aalborg inner city harbor, but also the ”East harbor” and needless to say Aalborg’s overall transformation."
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Hans Elmegaard

CEO – Moddule

"Aalborg is a growing and modern city with a great potential to attract international businesses to the area."
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Tonny Skovsted Thorup

CEO – Destination NORD

"Aalborg has huge potential, but we are also exposed to tough, competition. Therefore, it requires a strong and joint effort to realize our potential."

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Lars Hedebrandt

Former Head of Corporate Banking - Danske Bank

"I believe that Aalborg has an extensive number of businesses with a huge potential for further development - which will enable more investments from abroad."
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Peter Balling

Angel Investor & Chairman of the Board, Partner, COO – Eco2Light

"Aalborg is a gem and we have many opportunities to make ourselves more noticed both in Denmark and abroad. We just have to dare."

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Thomas Bælum

Partner - Kompetent Search A/S

"With a joint structured approach...we could improve the output of all the strategic initiatives in the city"

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Claus Falk

Chairman of Invest in Aalborg & Partner, CEO - Danphone

"Aalborg excels in collaboration and matchmaking of companies to create new partnerships and thriving ecosystems."

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Mette bugge

Business Director - Aalborg Municipality

"We have to show the world what Aalborg is capable of when we put together the right people and resources. "

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Grimur Lund

Board Professional, Investor & Co-Founder - Logimatic

"Aalborg has been through massive development over the last decade and so has the business. But there is still much more unreleased potential..."

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    Ambassadors put Aalborg on the Map

    The competition for investments, talents, and jobs is intense. From a global perspective, Aalborg is a very small player, and naturally, the resources available to promote the city are limited. Nevertheless, we are experiencing significant interest in Aalborg. Some of the reasons can be attributed to the local factors - the attractive location and geography. However, we also attribute part of the credit to the excellent "free" publicity from Aalborg's dedicated ambassador network.


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    Invest in Aalborg is the result of an increasingly globalised city that joins forces to ensure you one-point-of-contact when you are looking to expand or relocate your company to Aalborg. We offer easy access to prime location options and local authorities as well as contact to world class researchers and an extensive business network. Invest in Aalborg is a part of the City of Aalborg. Contact us and let's help you build your business case.
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