Aalborg in Space

Through the years, Aalborg has played a significant role in the foundation of the Danish space industry. Together with Aalborg University, companies in North Denmark continues to raise the bar for space innovation.

Aalborg is a city located in North Denmark and to some people's surprise, this is home to many leading space and satellite companies. Despite its relatively small size, Aalborg has played a significant role in the development of the European space industry.

Some of the space focus areas in Aalborg include:

  • Robotics in Space
  • Communication (5G/6G – Antennas)
  • Orbit Prediction
  • Swarms (CubeSat)
  • Drones
  • International CubeSat communication

Why Aalborg?

Aalborg University is the highest ranked engineering university in Europe. Read more

Aalborg is the Nr. 1 most digitally ready municipality in the nordics. Read more 

Aalborg is a living lab - 5G smart production lab and many ofther test facilities are available for collaboration. Read more

Strong wireless and mobile history in Aalborg. Formerly nicknamed, "The Mobilicom Valley"

AAU Space & AAU Defence


At Aalborg University, AAU Space is your direct access to research and education in space. The mission of AAU Space is to create new knowledge and strong collaborations through interdisciplinary learnings and resources.

Aalborg University has been involved in space research and education for more than 20 years. The development of the Ørsted Satellite in the 90s and the first student-built CubeSat in 2003 helped accelerate the interest.

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Aalborg is a city in Denmark


Companies within the industry

Aalborg has played a crucial role in the foundation of the entire Danish space industry. Today, many of the companies within the space industry have their head offices in Northern Jutland.


  • 2 Operate
  • AnyBody Technology
  • Clear Sky Vision
  • Cobham SATCOM
  • Necas
  • GOMSpace
  • GateHouse Group
  • Rohde & Schwarz Danmark
  • Satlab
  • Space Com
  • Space Inventor
  • Steinwurf
  • Sternula
  • Trackunit

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