Why Aalborg?

Let's introduce you to our competitive advantages and the Aalborg way of living

Aalborg is the capital of North Denmark and a historic city with a very special atmosphere. Visionary urban development and world-class architecture have revitalized the city's grey industrial look and reputation - bringing the proud history and traditions into the future.

The infrastructure in Aalborg provides mobility and coherence. You can quickly get from the city centre to the airport in the north, to the Port of Aalborg to the east and to Aalborg University in the south-eastern district.

The city offers spectacular art and gastronomy and international workplaces and attractions.

Aalborg is bursting with life, innovation and opportunities. Here, partnerships are the key to continuous progress and improvement.

The city houses strong green and digital skills and huge global ambitions combined with a sustainable and calm presence. Welcome to Aalborg!

Aalborg has the Highest-ranked engineering university in Europe
Aalborg is the most digital municipality in the Nordics
Aalborg has the happiest people in Europe
A city in Denmark - Most competitive economy in the world
Aalborg is ranked as 4th most sustainable destination in the world
A city in Denmark - Greenest country in the world
Aalborg is certified as Unicef Child-Friendly City

Best Airport in Denmark

A city in Denmark - Easiest place to do business in Europe
Aalborg ranked as best in Denmark at retaining its young citizens

A city in Denmark -  Most Resilient economy in the world

    Facts & Figures

    Aalborg and North Denmark offer a wealth of talent and experience. The educational institutions, the start-up community and the well-established companies form an ecosystem with endless possibilities.

    Dig into this 'Facts & Figures' report and discover why Aalborg is considered a top destination for companies looking to expand og relocate.  



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