The DNA of Aalborg is Sustainable

"We develop together"

Aalborg and...

the united nations sustainable development goals

The city of Aalborg has an ambitious focus on the united nations sustainable development goals (UNSDG).

The purpose of the strategy is to ensure a development in Aalborg that is both economically and environmentally sustainable as well as socially just. 

The Global Goals Strategy of Aalborg contains a strong focus on the areas of climate, resources, inequality and biodiversity, in a way that does not compromise the rest of the goals.



Global greenhouse gas emissions are rising leading to global warming, which are affecting the climate and causing major changes in the frequency, intensity and duration of extreme weather events across the globe.


In order to make consumption sustainable, it is necessary to have a circular economy that maintains materials and products in the economic cycle with the highest possible value for as long as possible. Circular economy breaks with the idea of a linear value chain.


Inequality in the world is rising at the moment - also in Denmark. Despite this, Denmark is one of the world's most equal societies. We generally have one of the lowest proportions of poor people and one of the smallest distances between the economic top and the bottom of society.


Nature is under pressure in the world and the biodiversity crisis is a reality, even though we as a society have made an effort for several years. The Municipality of Aalborg has an ambition to bring more wild nature into the cityscape and improve the "green urban spaces".


The 5 strategic landmarks

"We develop together"

In 2019, the mapping of Aalborg Municipality's DNA was developed in collaboration with the municipality's citizens, companies and organizations. It was translated into a basic narrative: ‘We develop together’.

The story contains 5 strategic landmarks that characterize Aalborg. The landmarks support the idea of a good life and a meaningful presence in Aalborg city - no matter who you are. They are based on the basic narrative and the promise that we develop the municipality together and set the overall visionary direction for the development of Aalborg.

1. Everyone can do something
With good connections
3. With great experiences
4. In green balance
5. In unity

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