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Aalborg offers tremendoes advantages for companies looking to establish a research and development centre.

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Aalborg is a city on the rise in terms of research and development opportunities. With a strong emphasis on innovation and a thriving business community, Aalborg is the perfect location for companies looking to open a research and development hub.

Aalborg is home to a highly educated workforce, a strong university system, a vibrant start-up culture, and access to a variety of research resources.

In addition to the academic community, Aalborg also has a strong tradition of collaboration between businesses and research institutions. This fosters a dynamic and innovative business environment, where companies can easily connect with potential partners and collaborators.

These advantages, coupled with its strategic location at the heart of the European Union, make Aalborg an ideal location.


Why Aalborg?

The highest ranked engineering university in Europe is Aalborg University. Read more

Aalborg is the Nr. 1 most digitally ready municipality in the nordics. Read more 

Aalborg is a living lab - 5G smart production lab and many ofther test facilities are available for collaboration. Read more

Aalborg is known for innovative quadruple helix partnerships. From research, business, government and all the way to the consumers

Cooperation with Aalborg University

AAU Knowledge for the world

Throughout its history, the University at Aalborg has worked closely with the surrounding community both nationally and internationally. You can collaborate with Aalborg University in a variety of ways as a company or institution.

  • Cooperate with researchers
  • Cooperate with students
  • Rent laboratories and equipment
  • Utilisation of inventions and technology
  • Continuing education
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Aalborg university department of health science

The companies say

The brains make the difference for nokia

With 100,000 employees worldwide, the 70 Nokia employees in Aalborg might not look like much in the global enterprise. But the research, knowledge and foundation for product development that is created here in Aalborg, is making a huge impact.

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Novo Nordisk finds diversity in Aalborg

Since 2008, the global Danish pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk has had a branch in Aalborg. At NOVI Science Park in the eastern part of Aalborg, Novo Nordisk has located its department for biostatistics.
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Towards a greener future in Aalborg - Svanehøj

For an internationally-focused company such as Svanehøj, it's quite logical to have its headquarters in Svenstrup, Aalborg.
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