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Booming areas in Aalborg

Aalborg is a 20-minute town where the infrastructure provides mobility and coherence.

From the city center, you can easily reach the airport in the north, the Port of Aalborg in the east, and Aalborg University in the south-east.

Whether your business depends on transport via land, sea or air - Aalborg has you covered.


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Aalborg-map, with a selection of commercial areas - some well established and others in progress of being build.

City centre

Trade and shopping is an important part of the Aalborg DNA. Within the city centre you’ll find many different shopping streets and opportunities.


At the other side of Limfjordsbroen you’ll find Nørresundby, also known as the ‘Sunny Side’ – connecting Aalborg with the northern part of the country.

Port of aalborg

Port of Aalborg is a modern port and transport hub with multimodal logistics solutions and the host of an expanding business park – appointed as one of Aalborg’s growth zones.

novi science park

NOVI is one of Denmark's most innovative science parks. In total, more than 2,500 employees work every day in 250 companies in NOVI's buildings.

Rapid growth and progress in Aalborg

These years Aalborg is expanding rapidly and in many different ways. New homes are needed for the growing population, new business locations are needed for our ambitious business community and additional recreational and cultural areas are needed to tie the city together.

Aalborg university

With 20,000 students and +2000 researchers, Aalborg University (AAU) is making a difference in the world earning several awards and considered to be among the best engineering universities worldwide.

stigsborg brygge

Stigsborg is one of Denmark's largest coastal urban development projects and a new green district on the ‘sunny side’ of the Limfjord. Rich in experiences and community - very close to Aalborg city centre.

New university hospital (NAU)

The Region of North Denmark is building a new University Hospital in the eastern part of the city – close to the university. The vision is to elevate the collective health care system in North Denmark.


Today the area around the spirits factory is a symbol the industrialization in Denmark and these years ‘Spritten’ is transformed into to a new city district with housing, art, architecture and gastronomy.



New test and demonstration center in Aalborg

These years, the area around the old coal power plant is transformed into a massive green test and demonstration center for renewable energy.

The new center is called Norbis Park and here companies, consumers, researchers and authorities are gathered to develop the energy solutions of the future.

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city syd & Svenstrup

City Syd is a district with hundreds of warehouses, home markets, stores, cinema, and the biggest shopping centre in Aalborg.

Energipark aalborg

A new ‘green’ project emerging in Aalborg is called Energypark Aalborg and is involving the placement of 19 wind turbines and 520 solar cells near the power plant, Nordjyllandsværket.    


With room for both entrepreneurial activities, established businesses and housing, the transformation of Hjulmagerkvarteret will create an attractive urban development area.


With a rich trading history, the city of Nibe is representing a remote Aalborg area with an immense potential.



The modernization of the Aalborg Waterfront has opened the city centre to the fjord, which was previously difficult to access due to the industrial harbor and the associated heavy traffic. Today you’ll find green areas and calm promenades combining culture, dining and business with the industrial heritage.  

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