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What makes the business community in Aalborg so great? 

The Tiny Metropolis

How Aalborg makes a difference

The business community in Aalborg thrives. See why large international companies like Siemens Gamesa and Samsung Research Center Denmark have chosen Aalborg as a preferred location for their activities. Invest in Aalborg provides advice and service for companies considering Aalborg as their next/new location.

+220,000 inhabitants

Aalborg is the 3rd largest municipality in Denmark. It has a young and well-educated population with a global mindset and the ambition to make a difference. Aalborg is the capital of North Denmark with a total population of 590,000 within commuting distance from Aalborg.

Highly skilled workforce

Highly skilled workforce
It’s the people and their skills that make the difference. North Danes are characterised by their dedication, flexibility and high qualifications within a wide range of fields – both academic and skilled.

Global mindset

26% of all employees in the private sector in Aalborg are employed in companies with international owners. As a result, international business behaviour and excellent language skills are part of our DNA. At present, there are around 11,000 international employees and 4,500 international students who live in Aalborg. These numbers are increasing every year.

The superb infrastructure

From the city centre of Aalborg, it’ll take you 20 minutes at maximum to go to our international airport to the North, the Port of Aalborg to the East and Aalborg University and the new Aalborg University Hospital to the South East. That’s why we say Aalborg is a 20-minute town. Welcome to our tiny metropolis.

In Aalborg, the world is at your feet. Our busy international airport with heaps of direct daily flights ensure fast connection to the rest of the world, including many daily direct flights to e.g. Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

The Port of Aalborg handles 67,500 TEUs a year and is connected to the rest of the world via the weekly feeder route to and from Hamburg and Bremerhaven. Aalborg is connected to the European E45 motorway.


9,900 busy businesses

Aalborg is home to about 9,900 companies and bursts with energy and innovation. Each year, we welcome around new 1,000 companies - both startups and well-established companies that move to Aalborg. The city enjoys a thriving startup community with extensive possibilities for office spaces, knowledge and network.

Strong industries

Through the years, Aalborg has developed strongs points within TECH and digitalisation, energy and sustainability, transport and logistics, life science, manufacturing, etc. You find a multitude of SMEs in addition to a wealth of subcontractors, niche companies, born globals and large exporting companies.

Made in Aalborg

To mention but a few of our “Made in Aalborg” flagships: Siemens Gamesa wind turbine blades, Samsung bluetooth solutions, Aalborg Portland cement, VELA chairs, ASETEK cooling systems, DESMI pumps, BLIP tracking systems and Aalborg Chocolate. Take a look at our Focus Areas to get to know more of our flagship companies.

Facts & Figures

As the capital of North Denmark, Aalborg offers vast business opportunities and bursts with energy and innovation.

Aalborg and North Denmark offer a wealth of talent, experience and upcoming future stars within tech, sustainability and manufacturing. The educational institutions, the start-up community and the well-established companies form an ecosystem with endless possibilities.

Dig into this 'Facts & Figures' report and discover why Aalborg is considered a top destination for companies looking to expand og relocate.  


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