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Take advantage of our extensive network in the business community. We can match you with potential business partners and university researchers.

Aalborg Ambassadors

Dedicated to making a difference for the city of Aalborg, these business profiles have been appointed as Invest in Aalborg Ambassadors

Connect with world class researchers

Aalborg University is among the world's best engineering faculties and here you'll find many pioneering researchers

Tap into the startup community

We can match your business with the most innovative entrepreneurs and secure you benefit from the latest knowledge and technologies

Meet the Invest in Aalborg Ambassadors

To extend our network and business relations globally, Invest in Aalborg has appointed a number of Ambassadors. They are all profoundly dedicated and based in Aalborg. A the same time they and their businesses embrace global relations.

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Aalborg University

+2000 researchers

Invest in Aalborg has close ties to the universities and can be your entry to new disruptive projects and research.

Many companies in Aalborg benefit greatly from the pioneering researchers and test opportunities available at the knowledge institutions.

Aalborg University is recognized for its close collaboration with the business community and a partnership here can be your chance to position yourself with a first mover advantage in your field.


The startup community in Aalborg is booming

Invest in the future

Through Invest in Aalborg you can tap into the startup community in Aalborg. Denmark is one of the most innovative countries in Europe and a connection with the startup community can secure you the latest insights and knowledge.

Meet Catharina Vinther Engqvist

Head of Foreign Direct Investments, Invest in Aalborg


Catharina and the team at Invest in Aalborg are your one-point-of contact to the City of Aalborg. We can help you with information, facts and network that make all the difference when you consider Aalborg as your business destination.

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