Living in Aalborg

Summer or winter, Aalborg is always buzzing. Take a stroll along the Limfjord and enjoy the atmosphere in Europe’s happiest city.

Get a feeling for Aalborg

A tiny metropolis with so much to offer

Let's introduce you to the very special Aalborg feeling and how life is among some of the happiest people in Europe.

Happiest people in Europe

The people of Aalborg has several times been ranked among the happiest people in Europe. In addition, the Aalborg citizens are also among those who feel the safest in their city in Europe, and they believe that most people in the city can be trusted.

Home, sweet home

In Aalborg you find a vast range of housing options. From the brand new city apartments at the waterfront to townhouses, single-family houses, public housing and student flats. Housing is available in many different residential areas and at all price levels.

Work-life balance

The average working week in Aalborg is 37 hours which makes a healthy work-life balance possible. Most families include 2 full-time jobs and they often enjoy a high degree of flexibility at work. There are plenty of day care options for children.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Aalborg is considerably lower than in the large capitals of Europe. We believe in value for money, and on average the cost of living is 35% lower in Aalborg than in Copenhagen. Quality of life is, however, not on sale here.


Aalborg certified as unicef - child friendly city

Being a ‘child-friendly city’ is an honorary title maintained by the continued work on actions and implementation of initiatives regarding child involvement and children's rights.

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New to Aalborg?

International House North Denmark helps you and your family to settle down in Aalborg. They can help you with paper work, network, spouse activities as well as introducing you to culture and leisure activities. 

From fine art to street art

Home to Musikkens Hus, named one of the best sound halls in North Europe, Kunsten, which is a living art venue, museums as wells as amazing street art - there are plenty of wonderful experiences in store for you in Aalborg.


Aalborg ranks as the most beautiful shopping city in Denmark and offers a multitude of shopping and gastronomic experiences. From department stores and malls to retail chains and specialty shops, there are restaurants and cafés for every taste and plenty of pedestrian areas.

Sport and Leisure

In Aalborg, football equals AaB, one of the teams playing in the Danish super league. Yet, there are plenty of other sport options available including handball, badminton, tennis, basket and fitness. There are also a wide range of associations from cooking to scouting and from hunting to chess.


In Aalborg you’ll find a buffet of exiting restaurants inspired by cuisines from all around the world. You can also find dining with local taste experiences and specialties with food from around North Denmark.

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