Robotics, automation and drones in Aalborg

Research and education within robotics, automation and drones and an innovative robotics industry experiencing
remarkable growth rates – North Denmark has it all.

North Denmark is home to a young and diverse fast-growing robotics industry. Aalborg enjoys the benefits of Aalborg University which has the most extensive research and education environments for robotics, automation and drones in Denmark.

Companies in North Denmark are particularly specialized in robotics for production & manufacturing as well as the health care sector, and they excel in triple-helix collaboration.


Reasons to Invest

  • Denmark is one of the top five countries in the world, when it comes to applying robotics in production and manufacturing and enjoys a leading position in mobile and collaborative robots.
  • 60% export – primarily to America, Asia and Europe.
  • World-class research and educational programmes in robotics related subjects at Aalborg University – the no. 1 Engineering University in Europe (MIT report).
  • North Denmark is home to 10% of Danish robotics companies and the third largest hub in Denmark.
  • An industry experiencing remarkable growth rates.
  • A strong robotics cluster, Odense Robotics, facilitates collaboration between research and industry.

Companies within the industry

Aalborg and North Denmark is home to a wide range of companies in which robotics, automation and drones play a significant role. Let us present a selection of these to you below:


  • Akson Robotics
  • Airflight
  • Bila
  • Life Science Robotics
  • Migatronic Automation
  • MyDefence Communication
  • Körber Supply Chain DK A/S
  • Really a Robot
  • Robotto Co
  • SkyWatch
  • SSI Schäfer
  • Technicon
  • Turf Tank

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