Lars Hedebrandt

Former Head of Corporate Banking - Danske Bank

Why did you become an ambassador for Invest in Aalborg?

- As head of Danske Bank's business activities for many years, I have in-depth knowledge and close relationships with business enterprises in Aalborg.

I believe that Aalborg has an extensive number of businesses with a huge potential for further development - which will enable more investments from abroad.

I would very much like to support the branding of Aalborg and North Denmark's business life and thus ensure a positive development, as well as retention and expansion of workplaces, etc.

How do you see Aalborg's potential as a business city?

- Aalborg has huge potential as a business city. Let me just mention:

  • Aalborg is a big city with 225,000 inhabitants where a family can integrate easily.
  • It has excellent infrastructure, including Aalborg Airport, Port of Aalborg, motorways, buses and suburban railways.
  • There is plenty of well-qualified labor and good opportunities to combine work and leisure.
  • We have a large range of cultural and sports activities, including nature and beach experiences.
  • We have an international school, high schools and a university.
  • The possibility of residential facilities close to the workplace.

Invest in Aalborg Ambassadors

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