Magnus Vagtborg

CEO - Crossbord

Why did you become an ambassador for Invest in Aalborg?

I became an ambassador for Invest in Aalborg to help the city grow.

In Aalborg, everything is within a short distance, the people, the events and the local government. This fosters a strong sense of community and ease of interaction.

By representing Invest in Aalborg, I hope to contribute to the city’s development and help communicate its strengths to the people I meet on my journey.

How do you see Aalborg's potential as a business city?

Aalborg's potential as a business hub is quite significant, especially in terms of international business compliance and talent development.

Aalborg University is a crucial source for finding skilled people who are essential to local businesses and their innovative efforts.

Aalborg offers the foundations necessary for businesses to evolve while maintaining responsible practices. This solid groundwork is what will attract further investment and business activity to the area.


Invest in Aalborg Ambassadors

To extend our network and business relations globally, Invest in Aalborg has appointed a number of Ambassadors. They are all profoundly dedicated and based in Aalborg. At the same time they and their businesses embrace global relations.

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