Peter Balling

Angel Investor as well as COO and partner – Eco2Light

Why did you become an ambassador for Invest in Aalborg?

- Aalborg is a magical city that has undergone huge changes over the years.

I was born in Odense but have lived in Aalborg since the age of five. My wife and our three adult daughters were born and raised in Aalborg. The eldest has lived in Sweden and now lives in Copenhagen, where the youngest daughter also lives. The middle one is on her way to France because of a future job.

What I want to say with this is that they, and this generation, are "citizens of the world", but they must also return "home" again - and so it is important that Aalborg grows and that North Denmark is an attractive place, otherwise Aalborg will remain a city of education.

I want to make a difference and through my large network both in Denmark and abroad, I want to be a part of attracting exciting projects to Aalborg and the whole region. I want to help create even more exciting jobs and help build infrastructure.

North Denmark must be a front-runner, and "Tech-the-shit-out-of-it", as this also supports the fact that we have the world's best university.


I am a full-blown entrepreneur and my brain is always working on ways to develop and improve.

I enjoy watching people and things grow.

As an Ambassador in Invest In Aalborg, I see an opportunity to make a difference together with all the other ambassadors - we need to execute more and talk less - and if I can contribute to pushing the system a little, just a little, maybe that will do the difference.

How do you see Aalborg's potential as a business city?

- Aalborg and the whole of North Denmark is a gem and we have great opportunities to make ourselves more noticed - both in Denmark and abroad. We just have to dare.

We have one of the best universities in the world and many fantastic students that we would very much like to retain.

Let's do it by being innovative and create more jobs in the region.

More young people (who stay or come back) will provide even greater development.

We have the most beautiful natural areas and coastal stretches in ALL of Denmark, on which we could, in respect for nature, develop our tourism and thus create even more jobs.

We have smart and innovative people in both agriculture, manufacturing, life science and much more and we have the areas for physical development in our fantastic part of the country.

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