Lene Kirk is the Owner of Kirk Gallery - famous for the mega-scale street art in Aalborg. Lasse Andersson is the Director of Kunsten Museum of Modern Art and Utzon Center.

Art and Architecture in Aalborg

Discover why National Geographic, Forbes, Guardian, and NY Times have taken a special interest in Aalborg.

In the video Lene Kirk and Lasse Andersson guide us through the transformation of Aalborg and talk about the prominent art and culture scene in Aalborg.

The story of a reborn city

Aalborg is a city of spectacular art and world-class architecture. With Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Utzon Center and Musikkens Hus as distinguished examples, which are complemented by exciting galleries and experimental street art.

Aalborg has a unique and historic atmosphere. Its visionary urban development and exceptional architecture have transformed the city's once-grey industrial image - bringing the proud history and traditions into the future.


Visit from National Geographic

Europe from Above

Aalborg has something extraordinary hidden within the city streets, Mega-scale urban art. Street art in Aalborg has become a trademark for the city and is visited by art-lovers from all over the world. 


Sights to enjoy


Musikkens Hus has become a landmark for Aalborg with magnificent concerts and cultural events.


Kunsten Museum of Modern Art is an architectural gem, with a unique collection of modern art.


Utzon Center is an experimental culture, architecture and knowledge center.


From coal-fired power plant to a cultural meeting place. Go visit Nordkraft.


Coming soon, the world's largest glass sculpture by artist Tomás Saraceno: Cloud City.

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