The impact of sports in Aalborg

Quick tour around the sport clubs in the city with Investment Manager, Sørens Svenningsen

When promoting our city, a rich sports and cultural community is an outstanding selling point

Through sports, we come together as a city and our sports institutions help bring attention and business to Aalborg.
Represented at the highest national level in three of the most popular sports, Aalborg stands out as a unique sports destination in Denmark.

Investment Manager, Søren Kuch Svenningsen takes us through a lightning tour around the three Aalborg clubs.

⚽ AaB A/S
🏒 Aalborg Pirates
🤾‍♂️ Aalborg Håndbold


"In Aalborg, we are extremely proud of our sport teams and their influence on the social and business communities within the city. 

Through our excellent sport and cultural institutions, we are able to elevate our city, attract quality business and talent and write new exiting chapters in the story of our city.

These years some of the biggest franchises in Aalborg are making headlines and history."

AaB - Biggest Football Club in Aalborg

"Since the 90’s, The football club, AaB has given us moments of international glory.

From Champions League in 1995, to a famous header against Manchester United in 2008 and a historic “The Double” in 2014. 

The team is among the most winning in the Danish league, and continues to build talent with international potential and attract quality players from all over the world."


Aalborg Handball

"This year the team made it to the champions league quarter finals after finishing first in their group.

And last season the team made it all the way to the Champions League Final to face Barcelona.

New adventures are awaiting in the coming seasons as 3-time IHF player of the year, Mikkel Hansen will join the team along with the current player of the year, Niklas Landin."


Aalborg Pirates - Aalborg Icehockey team

"We are off-season, as you can see below me, But what a great season for Aalborg Pirates. 

This year, the Ice hockey team, won the Double: The Danish national championship and the national cup. 

The team is planning to get comfortable at the Danish hockey throne and plunder more trophies in the years to come.

Sports are a great place to show, that equality can happen.

In Aalborg, sports is a platform from where possibilities arise."




In Aalborg, sport is a platform from where possibilities arise.“

Meet Søren Kuch Svenningsen

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