Norbis - New Green Test Center in Aalborg

Investment Manager, Søren Kuch Svenningsen talks about the new green test center in Aalborg.

Welcome to Norbis Park

Transcript from video:

The world is changing and changing fast.

In Aalborg we are phasing out coal and turning our district heating network completely fossil-free.

At the same time, we are transforming the area around the old coal power plant into a massive green test and demonstration center for renewable energy. We call it, Norbis Park.

At Norbis Park we are gathering companies, consumers, researchers and authorities to develop the energy solutions of the future.



Why Norbis

Because the infrastructure is quite unique here and you’ll find:

  • Easy access to power
  • Great transport options along the Limfjord
  • Large wastewater capacity
  • An opportunity to collaborate with the highest ranked engineering university in Europe
  • Good access to consumers in Denmark’s fourth largest city - with the possibility to deliver surplus heat to citizens in the surrounding areas.

The first companies are already moving in, but we are looking for more partners, who wants to settle in and plug, play and test their solutions.

We welcome you to Norbis Park


"The area around Norbis Park constitutes a central piece in the telling of a significant part of Danish history. It is both the story of one of Denmark’s best preserved industrial cities and the story of the historic
energy development that has taken place in Denmark and will continue in Norbis Park."


Illustration: A continuous cycle & the supply network
Norbis Park will be a continuous innovative cycle focusing on green energy in which both technology, knowledge, nature and people will thrive.


Norbis Park

Download Mini Design Guide

This mini edition constitutes a summary of the principal design parameters for the area and has been prepared with the purpose of providing a quick overview of special attention points.


Meet Søren Kuch Svenningsen

Investment Manager, Invest in Aalborg


Søren is your green point of contact and he can help you build a solid sustainable business case - utilizing the strong green forces within the North Danish region. Søren has an engineering background, which will secure you a solid technical foundation and understanding.  

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