New Power-to-x Plant in Aalborg

Investment Manager, Søren Kuch Svenningsen talks about the new PtX-plant in Aalborg and what it means for the city.

The journey from grey to green

Aalborg has come a long way from the image of a grey and weary city - to an international green hub for sustainable technologies.

Many exiting things are happening in Aalborg these years and we are seeking suitable partners to join us on the journey.


"Hi I am Søren, Investment Manager at Invest in Aalborg. I have come out here to this beautiful spot - in the eastern part of Aalborg - to talk a bit about the future.

Right here behind me, Aalborg Forsyning, Reno Nord and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners - will build a 300/400 MW Power-to-X plant - which will produce green methanol from local waste-based CO2."

Annualy, the plant is expected to capture and recycle:

- 180,000 tonnes of waste-based CO2

- Produce 130,000 tonnes of green methanol or SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel)

- Produce 130GWh of excess heat. Corresponding to 7 % of the heat consumption in Aalborg Municipality or the heating of 5,000 households.


So what does that mean for Aalborg?

"For Aalborg, this is a massive green milestone and it underlines how far Aalborg has come from grey to green.

We have a booming green ecosystem in our region and leading companies within different important sustainable technologies.

And this new Power-to-x plant marks the next step in the green transition.

Now we are seeking partners to join us on this journey.

We can offer a place in our ecosystem where your company can tap into the latest research at the best engineering university in Europe or make use of the many large-scale test facilities around the North Danish region."


Meet Søren Kuch Svenningsen

Investment Manager, Invest in Aalborg


Søren is your green point of contact and he can help you build a solid sustainable business case - utilizing the strong green forces within the North Danish region. Søren has an engineering background, which will secure you a solid technical foundation and understanding.  

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