“If you work with sector coupling or green fuels, I find it hard to imagine a better place to settle than in Aalborg.”

Interview with Christian Ingerslev Sørensen, Vice CEO of EMD International


The Energy City Aalborg

Case: EMD International

For over 35 years, EMD International A/S has been an essential part of Aalborg's energy landscape. This software and consulting company specializes in calculations and design within the realm of renewable energy.

It aligns perfectly with Aalborg's increasingly prominent role as an energy city. 

The company emerged from Aalborg University as a project, driven by passionate individuals dedicated to renewable energy.

Christian Ingerslev Sørensen, Vice CEO of the Aalborg-based company, highlights the strong connection to the local university.

- Aalborg is home to world-class energy companies and consultants. Their impact echoes globally, and the university naturally plays a vital role within this environment. We have exceptionally talented researchers. Up here, energy research is highly practical and realistic.

The connection to the university remains robust to this day, despite the significant growth and evolution of EMD International since its establishment in 1986.

- The engineering education in Aalborg is crucial for us. We invest a significant effort in our collaboration with the university. This can be achieved through industry-funded Ph.D. programs, teaching or internships for university students. In this way, we identify promising talents early on during their studies.

Local Environment Forges Bonds

EMD International also benefits from its location adjacent to the campus in eastern Aalborg. The company is situated within NOVI Science Park, alongside a diverse array of other businesses.

- We were among the first companies to join NOVI, and we have been part of it since the beginning. We are familiar with the premises and enjoy productive collaborations with several other companies here.

Consequently, the company effortlessly integrates into the local environment and the collaborations that arise from it.

- We work together with the university and affiliated companies in various contexts. There are exciting innovation fund projects that bring us closer together. We strive to seek out local opportunities and collaborate with those we know. It is immensely valuable for us.

This collaboration is a vital part of EMD International's foundation. The EMD Foundation owns the company, which aims to develop knowledge and technologies to reduce resource consumption and environmental impact.

Novi Science Park
"Aalborg is home to world-class energy companies and consultants. Their impact echoes globally..."

Riding the Next Wave

One of the most exciting areas for EMD International in renewable energy is Power-to-X, an emerging form of energy storage and usage.

- We are involved in several projects related to it. It is a relatively uncharted territory where everyone is diving in without a precise tool for calculations. That's where we come in, performing intricate energy calculations across sectors.

The local energy environment is also riding the wave of innovation. Take, for instance, the Aalborg-born company Reintegrate (Now European Energy) which focuses on green methanol or Advent Technologies - manufacturing fuel cells that convert hydrogen and other renewable fuels to electricity.

- Aalborg and Denmark, in general, are at the forefront of renewable energy. If you work with sector coupling or green fuels, I find it hard to imagine a better place to settle than in Aalborg.

In Aalborg, EMD International thrives in a vibrant ecosystem of energy excellence, fueled by collaboration, cutting-edge research, and a shared commitment to building a sustainable future.


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