"It is easy and convenient to run a global business here."

Interview with Michael Bondo Andersen, Founder at GateHouse.


GateHouse - International Aalborg

In the past few years GateHouse has expanded the numbers of employees by 40%. The primary reason is their tracking-software for the logistic and transport industry, which is right now piercing through the American market. Therefore, it is extremely important to have base in a city with an international mindset, which can support the outreach and export to the different corners of the world.

How is a city really international?

GateHouse was established in 1992 and makes efficient communication software sold all over the world. GateHouse has divided their business in three areas; Satellite communication, logistic tracking solutions and maritime tracking systems.

Within Gatehouse the employees speak about 10-12 different languages and according to founder, Michael Bondo Andersen it is crucial that Aalborg has an international profile and mindset.

- 2/3 of our turnover is created beyond the national Danish borders, which is why it is very important for us that Aalborg is an international city.

- It is easy and convenient to run a global business here. We have an efficient airport and efficient highway connections.

Everything works and its easy to get out into the world.

Michael emphasizes another point as he regards as a key factor in employee retention.

- Another important asset is the great education- and work opportunities for the families of our international employees.

Cross Collaboration

- I enjoy the openness and the willingness to collaborate in Aalborg. There is a good and pragmatic approach to challenges here.

Michael mentions the solid collaboration with Aalborg University.

- At the moment we are, together with several other companies, involved in a project approaching the challenge of “empty-kilometers".

Michael says that the collaboration must of course also make sense in terms of potential profit down the stretch.

- When such a collaboration with other companies and the university works, it is because it is interesting and because it can generate some business

“I enjoy the openness and the willingness to collaborate in Aalborg. There is a good and pragmatic approach to challenges here.“

Expectations for future investments in new activities

The next chapter for GateHouse might be good news for entrepreneurs and companies within the B2B software sector.

- If our logistic activities in the US continue to be a great success, we are looking towards the entrepreneurial community and other companies with interesting projects. We are very keen to realize the huge potential within our area of expertise and we are willing to invest in new ideas and new companies or co-create the next steps on our journey.


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