Samsung Denmark Research Center in Aalborg

Interview with Allan Holst Eriksen, Director and Site Lead & 
Vibeke Bak Christensen, the HR Manager for Samsung Denmark Research Center in Aalborg.

Korean Samsung Electronics, a global technology company with 270,000 employees worldwide, might seem like a distant colossus. Still, a dedicated team of 70 individuals placed in Aalborg is making a significant impact on the company's Bluetooth solutions.

A Thriving Business Community in Aalborg

Samsung Denmark Research Center is a software development office under Samsung LSI (System large-Scale Integration). They develop software for Wireless technologies.

- In Aalborg, we are a Center of Excellence dedicated to Bluetooth technology, making it an exclusive location for Bluetooth-related work within the company.

- For Samsung, I think our Aalborg premises represent an ideal location for research and development – says Allan Holst Eriksen, Director and Site Lead of Samsung Denmark Research Center in Aalborg.

Despite being part of a giant global enterprise, Allan Holst Eriksen believes the Aalborg department fits seamlessly into the city.

- Aalborg's transportation infrastructure is efficient and convenient, ensuring smooth commuting for employees. Moreover, the city's proficiency in English is a great asset, as it facilitates seamless communication in various professional settings, from hotels to taxis and restaurants.

Focus on talent and experience

- In relation to Aalborg's significance for Samsung, I think that, in their eyes, we stand for a combination of many positive qualities. Professionalism and hard work, and also a great sense of trust, high spirits and humility - Says Vibeke Bak Christensen, the HR Manager for Samsung Denmark Research Center in Aalborg.

- Aalborg has a great skills base. In our department, we have a group of experienced engineers who have a lot of knowledge in connectivity, and also close ties with the university, which gives us a consistent pool of candidates.

The competition for talent in this industry is fierce, with many companies competing for the best and brightest individuals to drive innovation and growth.

Therefore Samsung Denmark Research Center places a strong emphasis on talent retention and attraction. Despite the competition, they have a remarkably low turnover rate. However, the company would like to attract more women, as there is a majority of male engineers employed.

Vibeke Bak Christensen is actively working to increase the representation of women in the TECH industry. Her efforts begin by fostering interest in technology fields at the elementary school level.

- In Aalborg, Samsung has hired junior developers who may not have formal education but have, for example, taken a gap year. Later, these young developers get more training before coming back to Samsung Denmark Research Center. 

Samsung Denmark Research Center also highly prioritizes team building, mindfulness, meditation, workplace fitness and training to create a positive and productive work environment.


Vibeke Bak Christensen, the HR Manager for Samsung Denmark Research Center in Aalborg.

“For Samsung, I think our Aalborg premises represents an ideal location for research and development.”
Did you know?

We are all familiar with Bluetooth technology, which connects billions of mobile phones, laptops, televisions, washing machines, and more worldwide. However, few people know that the name and logo of Bluetooth are inspired by one of the most famous Viking kings – Danish Harald Blåtand (Blå Tand = Blue Tooth).

The American engineer Jim Kardach from Intel came up with the name after reading a book about the Vikings. He was particularly struck by the story of Harald Blåtand, who united Denmark and Norway.

This inspired Jim Kardach to think about the wireless technology he was involved in creating in the late 1990s. Bluetooth was likened to a kind of 'peace treaty' among tech giants, as they agreed to use the same technology instead of each inventing their own.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Bluetooth solution and is celebrated in Denmark, appropriately near the Jelling Stone at the museum, Kongernes Jelling.


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