IoT in Aalborg

IoT provides completely new digital opportunities for the companies that are ready to seize them. In Aalborg, immense technological progress within IoT is being made these years, by innovative companies and pioneering researchers. 

What makes Aalborg so great for IoT companies?

The answer is testing, the partnerships and the people. The national digital cluster and the universities in Aalborg have created several living labs for testing of 'low power wide area' IoT technologies as well as 'short range' IoT solutions.

These laboratories are intended for both internal researchers and companies looking to test new solutions. The partnership between the public organisations, the universities and the business community is creating an advantage in product development - decreasing the process from idea to test and further on to product.  

Jane Rygaard is Head of Corporate Partnerships at NOKIA.
Petar Popovski is Professor in Connectivity and Wireless Communications at Aalborg University.

Did you know?

In the 1990s, Aalborg earned the nickname "The Mobilicom Valley"

Back then groundbreaking discoveries and developments were made in Aalborg in the mobile industry - marking the transformation from a traditional industrial city into a modern hub of knowledge and innovation.

Even though much has changed since the 90s, Aalborg's activities in that decade have laid the foundation for the connectivity hub it is today.

Watch as Jane Rygaard from NOKIA and Petar Popovski from AAU gives a short introduction to the Connectivity landscape in Aalborg.

IoT microgrid living lab

The IoT-MGLab is a living laboratory at Aalborg University that intends to develop and demonstrate cost-effective and comfort-aware solutions for future smart homes and enables the construction of an internet of things (IoT)-based infrastructure for a data intensive system and its interaction with end-users.

The lab is equipped with roof-top PV panels and a small wind turbine, real-time control and monitoring platforms running with different communication protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Modbus, bidirectional DC/DC converters, constant power electronic loads, different home appliances, multiterminal medium voltage connection and a number of smart devices.

IoT-MGLab also benefits from a computing layer mainly driven by MATLAB and GAMS solvers and is used as backbone for different batch and operational pipelines (such as optimization, estimation and forecasting.  (From



Gigantium smart city living lab

Testing of advanced Industrial

The living lab in Gigantium is host to an IoT network with 33 sensor boxes that collect data on temperature, humidity, movement, noise level etc.

Gigantium is Aalborg's sports and cultural center with an indoor water park, an ice arena, sports halls, cafe and much more. Every year many markets, concerts and other cultural events are held at Gigantium.

The living lab project in Gigantium is to collect data that can be utilized in optimization of working environments, energy consumption, cleaning planning, user flows and much more.


Reasons to Invest

  • North Denmark is home to 650 TECH companies.
  • World-class research and 3,300 TECH students at Denmarks largest TECH-university. 
  • North Denmark has a history of unique synergies between industry and research.
  • Aalborg is ranked as the no. 1 digital municipality in the Nordics.
  • TECH and digitalisation as a sector is experiencing growth and future optimism.
  • The national cluster for digital technologies, DigitalLead, brings research, industry and the public sector together – the cluster has a prominent hub in Aalborg.

The companies say:

Samsung Research Center Denmark

Korean Samsung Electronics, a global technology company with 270,000 employees worldwide, might seem like a distant colossus. Still, a dedicated team of 70 individuals placed in Aalborg - is making a significant impact on the company's Bluetooth solutions.
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Gatehouse - international aalborg

For GateHouse it is extremely important to have the base in a city with an international mindset, which can support the outreach and export to the different corners of the world.

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The brains make the difference for nokia

With 100,000 employees worldwide, the 70 Nokia employees in Aalborg might not look like much in the global enterprise. But the research, knowledge and foundation for product development that is created here in Aalborg, is making a huge impact.

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