Hydrogen Tech in Aalborg

Hydrogen represents a huge potential in the green transition and in North Denmark the Power-to-x movement has matured over the last 15 years - making the region a front-runner which continues to attract worldwide attention.

Power-to-X has been named an obvious approach in the green transition as it offers a solution to previous energy challenges such as utilization and storage and the fact that it incorporates CO2 usage can be a game changer in relation to climate neutrality.

With the knowledge, research, projects and companies already operating in the field of Hydrogen and power-to-x technologies, Aalborg and North Denmark has become an attractive location for innovative companies looking to tap into the green movement and the collaboration platform.


Aalborg University

The key to a world class workforce and pioneering research

Aalborg University is awarded the best engineering university in Europe and one of the research missions of the university is defined as Sustainable Fuels, chemicals and PtX.

The research mission is covering the production of green, renewable, and carbon footprint reduced fuels such as methanol and other electrofuels. 

The goal is to continue to develop and optimise integrated sustainable fuel processes to push the green transition.  

Researchers at AAU Energy include: Frede Blaabjerg, Lasse Rosendahl, Henrik Lund, Søren Knudsen Kær, Brian Vad Mathiesen, Mads Pagh Nielsen and Zhe Chen.


The University Research Groups commited to Sustainable Fuels, chemicals and PtX are:


Hydrogen Valley

Power-to-X from idea to action

Just south of Aalborg you will find the dedicated business park and project organization, Hydrogen Valley.

The purpose of the Valley is to translate Power-to-X ideas into tangible projects and currently the hub has projects like, Power2Met, GreenCem, HyBalance, Power2Ammonia, HEAVENN, CrossCut, HyFlexDrive, FCH Train, OG Decarb, Green Offshore Vessel, Power2Hydrogen, PtX-Business.

The Hydrogen Valley is focused on every angle of the PtX potential and helps companies and organizations with business models, partnerships and project execution.


Reasons to Invest

  • 400 companies within the energy sector.
  • 400 energy researchers at Aalborg University (AAU).
  • AAU ranks as the best university in Europe within Engineering.
  • AAU is world leading in the field of power electronics where Professor Frede Blaabjerg resides. He's the most cited researcher within engineering publications in the world.
  • World class researchers and companies within the production and application of methanol and fuel cells.
  • Home to Green Hub Denmark that provides green test facilities and access to a huge network across sectors.

The companies say:

Circular first in Aalborg

With headquarters in London and divisions in San Francisco and Manchester, the Circular First Group was looking to establish a division in mainland Europe. Meet the Managing Director and learn why Aalborg turned out to be the optimum place for them.
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The Aalborg history lives on in Alfa Laval

In the Port of Aalborg's old shipyard area, you’ll find one of the largest maritime companies in Denmark. Alfa Laval Aalborg develops and manufactures a wide range of equipment for ship and land industry worldwide.
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Aalborg csp - Aalborg equals Green Energy

Outside the danish borders, the Aalborg city name is completely recognizable in the energy industry - especially in green energy and the company Aalborg CSP has contributed to this narrative.
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Meet Søren Kuch Svenningsen

Investment Manager, Invest in Aalborg


Søren is your green point of contact and he can help you build a solid sustainable business case - utilizing the strong green forces within the North Danish region. Søren has an engineering background, which will secure you a solid technical foundation and understanding.  

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