Top 5 reasons... and 20 more to Invest in Aalborg


Aalborg has a growing startup ecosystem

Aalborg is an ideal location for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their businesses in a city that offers a high quality of life and an inspiring environment.

Why Choose Aalborg for Your Startup?

Aalborg, located in the northern part of Denmark, is home to a thriving startup ecosystem that is gaining recognition locally, nationally, and internationally. The city has a supportive business community that provides resources, networking opportunities, and mentoring to startups. There are plenty of funding opportunities and co-working spaces available to entrepreneurs.

Table of contents:

  • Facts about Entrepreneurship
  • High Satisfaction
  • Start-up Club and Cafe at BusinessAalborg
  • The NOVI Science Park - facilities and network

Facts about Entrepreneurship in Aalborg

Entrepreneurs make a significant difference in Aalborg and its business development. Each year, new CVR registrations in Aalborg result in around 900 genuinely new businesses, meaning those that generate revenue.

Entrepreneurial businesses in Aalborg perform well on several parameters. In terms of growth and job creation, Aalborg's entrepreneurial businesses perform better than the national average and also compare favourably with other major cities.

Additionally, the North Danish region has the highest proportion of female entrepreneurs among Danish regions.

Entrepreneurial businesses between zero and three years old also contribute to employment with more than 3,600 man-years.

High Satisfaction

A survey from 2022 shows that entrepreneurs generally use the services for entrepreneurs in Aalborg and are satisfied with the framework conditions for entrepreneurship in the city.

  • The proportion of growth companies after three years in Aalborg is 26.7 %, compared to the national average of 25.8 %.
  • Job creation after three years in Aalborg is 1.5 man-years, compared to the national average of 1.1 man-years.
  • In the North Danish region, the proportion of female entrepreneurs is 30 %, compared to the national average of 27 %. The survival rate of female entrepreneurs' businesses after four years is 57 % in North Denmark, compared to 51 % nationwide.

Start-up Club and Cafe

StartUp Café Aalborg serves as a hub for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to refine their business ideas, seek guidance from experienced consultants, engage in events, and connect with other enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Aalborg Start-up Club is tailored for individuals aiming to pursue entrepreneurship as a full-time occupation. It aims to provide the best possible support for a successful business launch. Club members can benefit from:

  • Complimentary advice from private specialists
  • Interactive workshops
  • Networking groups
  • Guidance from BusinessAalborg's expert consultants
  • Ongoing support from affiliated entrepreneur consultants
  • Club evenings
  • Special events and programs

NOVI Science Park

NOVI is a vibrant business and office community, also functioning as a Science Park. The NOVI buildings accommodate over 3,000 employees every day, representing 250 companies.

NOVI's primary objective is to foster innovative thinking, facilitate networking, and promote experimentation. It aims to create an ecosystem conducive to growth and development.

Through NOVI, businesses gain access to a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for growth and development. This collaborative environment offers excellent networking opportunities that can propel businesses to new heights.


AAU INNOVATE is Aalborg University's latest Science and Innovation Hub, focusing on interdisciplinary research, innovation, entrepreneurship, talent development, and business growth.

By fostering collaboration and forging partnerships, the vision of AAU INNOVATE is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship across various disciplines.

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Aalborg is a talent factory

Aalborg offers a supreme technical workforce and the best educational programmes at the highest-ranked engineering university in Europe.

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Aalborg is a gateway

Aalborg offer companies global accessibility and a strong infrastructure through airport and port.

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a leading green business destination

Aalborg is the 8th most sustainable destination in the world packed with pioneering energy companies.

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Aalborg offers the best quality of Life

Aalborg has been voted happiest city in Europe.

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Aalborg is great for business in Digital excellence - Aalborg is the most digital municipality in the Nordics.

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Aalborg offers excellent opportunities for businesses and researchers to collaborate.

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Excels in Smart Energy and Industrial Symbiosis

Discover the Power of Sustainable Energy Exchange in Aalborg

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Aalborg is a young star in space

Home to a bunch of influential players in the European Space Industry.

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A Transport and Logistics Hub

A proven business gateway through Europe and a world-class infrastructure

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Aalborg is a UNICEF Child-friendly city

A happy family is a top priority for many employees

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Aalborg is a living lab

Research turns into business through small and large scale test and demonstration facilities spread across the region.

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Aalborg is value for your money

Aalborg is low on cost, high on purchasing power and offers the best quality of life

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Has a young population

Aalborg has a young and highly educated, motivated, and skilled workforce. Aalborg has a track record of retaining young talent.

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Spin-in Aalborg: innovation in a new way

Since 2018, the city of Aalborg has been working with spin-in, a concept that helps accelerate innovation, growth, and employment

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Among the best in Smart Hospitals and MedTech

Aalborg has one of the Best Smart Hospitals in the world and the business opportunities in Aalborg's Medtech industry are remarkable.

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A growing and competetive economy

Denmark is the most competitive economy in the world and Aalborg is one of the reasons why.

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Aalborg is a Cultural Mixtape

Aalborg is recognized worldwide for the way the new architecture integrates with the old industrial look, history and feeling.

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A Business-friendly environment

What sets Aalborg apart is its strong support system for businesses. The city offers a long range of business services.

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A great International Community

Aalborg is a welcoming city for expats, with a thriving international community.

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Aalborg is a proud sports city

Aalborg's sports institutions and franchises are a huge asset to the city's economy, attracting visitors and creating jobs.

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Aalborg Is about stability and resilience

Aalborg has a stable and resilient economy with a diverse range of industries, including energy, tech, life science and manufacturing

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Aalborg has a rich maritime history

From shipbuilding to cutting edge satellite technology: Aalborg's Maritime Industry continues to adapt and innovate

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Aalborg has a growing startup ecosystem

Aalborg is home to a thriving startup ecosystem that is gaining recognition internationally.

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A unique and green travel destination

Aalborg has been named the 4th most sustainable destination in the world in the GDS Index.

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Sustainable city planning

Aalborg has undertaken an enormous transformation and is a modern and
visionary city of knowledge, culture, and sustainability.

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