Blue World Technologies in Aalborg

Interview with Anders Korsgaard, CEO & Founder  
Blue World Technologies.

The Green Transition must be profitable

The Green transition is hard to ignore - and so is the Aalborg-based company Blue World Technologies. The company was founded in 2018 by Anders Korsgaard, Mads Bang, and Mads Friis Jensen. Anders has an engineering degree from Aalborg University and has also written a Ph.D. alongside starting the company SerEnergy.

Blue World Technologies both produces and develops fuel cells, which are a green alternative to technologies based on fossil fuels, and they do it in a way that is profitable according to the CEO.

Balancing Innovation and Structure

- There is a very practical approach to things up here. I think it's a good mix that we have both academics and mechanical engineers employed.

The fuel cell can serve as a green substitute for combustion engines and diesel generators.

That is also what characterizes the employees at Blue World Technologies, according to Anders Korsgaard.

- When we started, we probably had a lot more of the entrepreneurial type, but over time we have become a bit more structured - otherwise, you can't scale a business like this. But we try to maintain a balance where there is still room for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Blue World Technologies initially focused primarily on the technology behind the development of their fuel cells, but that focus has gradually changed.

- We probably have – and also need to have – more focus on products. A product is something that people buy, whereas technology is not necessarily something you can buy. With a product focus, it becomes more and more commercial and customer-oriented.

Entrepreneurship and The Green Fuels

Before Blue World Technologies, the three founders were part of the company SerEnergy, which was later sold.

- We didn't think we'd be independent again, but we couldn't quite help it. We had a good network in the industry, and we quickly got a lot of employees and good premises at the harbor in Aalborg for both development and production.

- In addition, the connection to Aalborg University clearly makes it easier in terms of recruiting employees with the right skills, who can work purposefully with green technology in both development and production.

For Anders Korsgaard, there was no doubt that it should be with a focus on efficient use of greener fuels when the three entrepreneurs ventured into another business. He has had a green focus since his student days at Aalborg University – and actually a bit before that.

- I have been interested in CO2 emissions and climate since the early 90s. I thought it would be exciting to work with green technology, and after high school, I started in a small entrepreneurial company working with solar heating. There I found out what I wanted to spend my working life on.


Anders Korsgaard on the left with one of his employees. 

“People stay in this city because it's good to live here...”

The ambitions are global, the home base is Aalborg

That interest has continued for Anders Korsgaard. Even though the green ambitions of Blue World Technologies also extend beyond Denmark's borders, there is no doubt that there are several advantages to having an office and production on the East Harbor in Aalborg.

- We began in a building nearby before moving to our current location. This transition was smooth since we could easily walk back and forth. It's quite special to have an area like this with so many options available as a company grows.

Running a business in Aalborg

The East Harbor in Aalborg is in many ways a raw industrial district with wind turbine blades and gray concrete buildings. Yet, this is where Blue World Technologies is located, close to companies like Blue Water Shipping, Port of Aalborg, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, and Blaest Blade Test Centre.


- I think it's important to support local innovation in a municipality like Aalborg.

- The local innovation in Aalborg Municipality can be seen in the many offers to entrepreneurs through NOVI Science Park and StartUp Club, but also through the collaboration between Aalborg University and many of the municipality's companies.

Quality of life in focus

Anders Korsgaard himself studied at Aalborg University and has chosen to stay in the city - and start businesses here, even though the choice at the time was between DTU and Aalborg University.

- People stay in this city because it's good to live here. Therefore, we also try to ensure that the partners of our employees can see the purpose of staying in Aalborg by examining if we can help find jobs for both parties when we hire new employees. In that matter, International House North Denmark is a good partner.

- I believe that the quality of life one experiences in a city is one of the most important aspects - both in terms of relocation and retention.

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