Towards a greener future in Aalborg – Svanehøj

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Towards a greener future in Aalborg – SvanehøjInterview with Søren Kringelholt Nielsen, CEO – SvanehøjEmbracing a Greener FutureAt the forefront in Svenstrup, the towering structures of Svanehøj stand with industry on one side and beautiful nature on the other. A company that first saw the light of day near Vesterå in the heart of Aalborg in 1928, and now, almost … Read More

Blue World Technologies in Aalborg

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Blue World Technologies in AalborgInterview with Anders Korsgaard, CEO & Founder  Blue World Technologies.The Green Transition must be profitableThe Green transition is hard to ignore – and so is the Aalborg-based company Blue World Technologies. The company was founded in 2018 by Anders Korsgaard, Mads Bang, and Mads Friis Jensen. Anders has an engineering degree from Aalborg University and has also … Read More

Battling Climate Change with Seaweed

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Battling Climate Change with SeaweedInterview with founder of Maripure, Damien Jelstrup BalkinDamien Jelstrup Balkin, Founder and CEO of Maripure.Welcome to Maripure in AalborgIn today’s world, where environmental concerns are everywhere, innovative solutions are urgently needed to combat climate change. Maripure is a pioneering venture from Aalborg that has set its sights on revolutionizing agriculture by harnessing the power of seaweed.Agriculture’s … Read More

Ambassadors put Aalborg on the Map

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Ambassadors put Aalborg on the MapBy Catharina Vinther Engqvist – Head of Foreign Direct Investment, Invest in AalborgThe competition for investments, talents, and jobs is intense. From a global perspective, Aalborg is a very small player, and naturally, the resources available to promote the city are limited. Nevertheless, we are experiencing significant interest in Aalborg. Some of the reasons can … Read More

EMD International – The Energy City Aalborg

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“If you work with sector coupling or green fuels, I find it hard to imagine a better place to settle than in Aalborg.” Interview with Christian Ingerslev Sørensen, Vice CEO of EMD InternationalThe Energy City AalborgCase: EMD InternationalFor over 35 years, EMD International A/S has been an essential part of Aalborg’s energy landscape. This software and consulting company specializes in … Read More